iRobot vs Vacuum in gutter cleaning head to head

Forget about Hastings and Waterloo, this is the big one, the battle for supremacy in gutter cleaning technology…

iRobot vs Vacuum.

For a long time there was only one way to clean your gutters, and that was with a ladder. There have been developments in ladder technology, from wood to aluminum, but basically it is the same piece of kit. Continue reading

Croydon company using pet monkey for gutter cleaning

A gutter cleaning company based in Croydon has become the first in the UK (and possibly the world) to employ a monkey to clean customers’ gutters.

Trevor Waddington from nearby Purley, has been cleaning gutters in the Croydon area of South London for the past twenty years initially using ladders and later on using vacuum equipment from the ground.

So why and when did he start using monkeys to do the gutter cleaning? Continue reading